29 August 2023
29 August 2023 Seb

We stand for the Possibility of BEING.

Being human being’s, not only human doing’s,

Being genuinely, profoundly, creatively, alive,

Being authors of our life, of our destiny,

Being leaders who matter,

Being our words,

Being possibilities of all kinds, not just stuck into our limited beliefs, our challenges, our stories, our coffin boxes, in autopilot mode,

Being expressions of the beauty and force of Nature, at Her service for something much bigger than each and all of us,

Being manifestations of radical love and freedom.


Our vision is to empower you to author and live a LIFE you truly love.

For us, it is not a place to go. It is the place we come from. It is our way of living, our responsibility, our vision, our commitment.

For you, it is an invite, an opening, a possibility to embrace, to empower you to work with us for a thriving future, hands in hands.

We are increasingly aware of how much life is fragile and hard so many times for the vast majority of us,

And we are aware of how much life is extraordinary, and we feel increasingly responsible for taking care of it in all its forms.

We are increasingly aware of the destructive forces of our egos as well, of the huge head-heart gap,

And we are strongly determined to be complete with ourselves, to go beyond our selves, to move from me to we.

The more we are aware of it, the more it matters to us, and the more it manifests inwardly and outwardly within and around us.

It matters to us to honor the chance to be a-live on our planet under our star protection, hosting and warming us, unconditionally.

It matters for our kids, our families, the children of the world, their families, for the ones who suffer the most, for everyone, really.

While it matters more and more to us, there is no urge as such, since what is at stake is much bigger than each and all of us anyway.

So, we will keep on moving step by step, every day, persistently, towards a passion we freely decided to embrace and surrender to: all in!


So far, our vision has already been manifested with thousands of people across all continents, social, cultural and economic background.

Some corporate, SME’s, start up, scale up and NGO’s leaders, managers and teams,

Some alumni from a couple of prestigious universities [Stanford and Oxford],

Some women and men victims of sexual violence in countries at war [Mukwege Foundation],

Some adults, teenagers and children we had the chance and honor to meet and support across the last four decades.


Today, we stand for the possibility of bringing the power and wisdom of transformation to the world.

To the children of the world,

To the leaders of today,

To the leaders of tomorrow,

For humanity to expand its fabulous quest, within the self and beyond the self,

Into the unknown territory of freedom, peace, and unconditional love.


We call it the Alphabet of LOVE.

Our glorious soul mate, companion and spiritual father, Perch DUCOTE, inspired us to be heading into this direction.

He peacefully passed away a few days ago and it is our commitment to keep our words, and to honor his words too.

This is what he said about these words a few months back, after our extraordinary IMAGINE journey in Oxford:

WOW! A man of both words and actions. Extraordinary.

Everything you say here resonates with me. Who I am is the same.

Thanks for putting it all into solid real language…

Wrapping it in language is a giant step forward. It will now live forever. You have become your vision.

You not only have it, it is who you are………transformation!

Thank you, my dearest friend for your extraordinary generosity, authenticity, selflessness, attention and care.

You’ve been the change. You’ve been an extraordinary manifestation of love and freedom. You’ve been Perch. You still are.

We love you. We move on. Together!

Onward and Upward!

Keep shining!



A manifesto is a possibility, an invitation. It creates an opening. Nothing less, nothing more.

You haven’t been invited to design what being-human meant so far, so you conformed.

We invite you to join and create what it is to be from now on, and for the generations to come.

We need y’all! For real! In actions! Now!