25 May 2021

Integrity is the state of something which has kept, through the course of time, its original and essential qualities.

At Business and Values, we consider INTEGRITY to be the quality of being true, sincere and consistent. To oneself and beyond.


In order to be true, you need to be AWARE.

In order to be sincere, you need to be AUTHENTIC.

In order to be consistent, you need to be CONGRUENT.

This is important stuff. This is deep. So let’s go step by step.


Being aware is where it all begins. To be aware, you simply need to do one thing: observe.

We are not so used to be in observation mode.

Our brain is more used to be thinking, judging, explaining, trying to fix and change everything, on and on.

Observing has nothing to do with thinking, which is related to surfing with the old music playing in your head.

Observing has nothing to do with judging, nothing right or wrong, or good or bad here, it is all empty and meaningless.

Observing has nothing to do with trying to fix either, no cause, no consequence, no reason, no matter, nothing.

It is just what it is, and that’s it.


Being authentic means to speak your mind. Not playing, not pretending, just being yourself.

Acknowledging your strongest limitations, your most egocentric ambitions,

Your deepest fears, your unexpressed desires, your ultimate stuckness,

All the promises you broke, your major failures, and all the smaller ones.

And to express the impact of all this mess on your life and others’ lives.

It requires a lot of courage, to be authentic.

To acknowledge how little, broken, spread all over the place and ultimately lost we feel, sometimes.

When we manage to be fully authentic though, we do have the impression…

To be so light that we could fly, in complete freedom,

To be so strong and empowered that we could remove any barrier from our path,

To be so clear that we could understand and express ourselves and the world in an unprecedented way,

In such a way that it would become a fantastic place of fulfilment, compassion and realizations.


Being congruent means to be aligned. Body, mind, soul, self-expression and action.

What you feel, what you think, who you are, what you say and what you do are one and the same thing.

When you happen to be in such an aligned state, such an expression of unity,

Your level of credibility, confidence and reliability climb to unlimited peaks.

You then become who you truly are, that is a power of nature.

You become unstoppable in the realization of your destiny, beyond the self, at the service of others.

People feel such an alignment between your convictions, your dreams, your words, and your actions,

that they feel deeply touched and inspired and they put themselves at risk for what you carry, too.


You are with them, for them, and beyond. They are with you, for you, and beyond.

The point here is not to be safe. The point is to be alive.

You are a team and you are more. You are one. Unified.

A plural, colorful and united expression of life in all its forms.


Open your eyes and your minds to that magic. Give it a try. All you need to do is stop thinking.

Cause only reasons stop you so, be unreasonable, be bold, and just do it for a change. Once.

Feel the extraordinary within yourself. And around you. In your relationships. And beyond.

You are creating something. Finally! Not repeating the same old sad song again and again.

The rest will follow. Practice is mastery as they say.


From my heart to yours, looking forward to seeing you on the other side of the bridge!