Power to Pivot

22 September 2020
22 September 2020 Seb

This epic live event hosted by Dean Graziosi was taking place last Thursday. With a nice set of special guests: Tony RobbinsTrent Shelton, Jenna Kutcher, Russell Brunson, Brandon Burchard, Pete Vargas. Thank you so much to each of you guys for your humility, for your generosity, and for these golden nuggets you shared with us. For those who haven’t had the chance to attend this 5hours rally session, I thought it would be worth offering you a digest in Socratic mode [powerful questions based].

1. When it is time (to pivot), what voice(s) are you listening to?

2. What if you don’t pivot? (best and worst case scenario)

3. What if you do pivot? (best and worst case scenario)

4. Would you be able to fall in love with your past? (he brought you to this point and now you have the choice)

5. How do you deal with situation when a “yes” to your clients, to your colleagues is a “no” to your loves ones?

6. What if you were to start considering you belong, irrespective of what you feel the others think?

7. What if you were to change your identity and start showing up as you want to become?

8. Isn’t the mess you keep on hiding something precious which could become a part of the message you could deliver to the world?

9. Isn’t what you are know for the best way to square yourself into boxes?

10. Is something built out of perfection? Why are you waiting to be perfect?

11. Why do you care (about what people may think)?

12. Aren’t your reasons the only things stopping you?

13. What if you were to let people in (to your inner game)?

14. What are you truly passionate about that you almost never share with anyone?

15. What would happen if you were to take uncomfortable actions without overthinking about it?

16. How are you going to respond to what life brings you?

17. Do you think you can get the results without going through the process?

18. How will you take advantage of anything which happened to you?

19. Who are the people around you who are where you want to be?

20. If you feel you have the wrong circle, shouldn’t you simply change it?

21. Who are the people consuming your energy, who don’t care about your dreams, who don’t trust you, who don’t help you?

22. Have you notice how much breakdowns are sometimes just before breakthroughs like another way to surpass yourself?

23. Could you find a mission which is so big that recurring poor results would have absolutely no impact on your commitment?

24. What level do you want to go?

25. Isn’t the fact to be so afraid to be seen starting small which prevented you so far from starting to pursue your dream goal?

26. How much do you realize the preciousness of your life, each day, each hour, each minute?

27. How much do you love to learn?

28. How much do you love to share (your learnings)?

29. Don’t you have a moral responsibility to share with others what you had the chance to understand, to help them to learn how to fish?

30. What are you waiting for? An epiphany? A permission? Some glance of perfection?

31. Is the fact to focus on the negative stuff ever brought you any kind of service?

32. What is your intimate relationship with failure? with treason? with rejection? with abandonment? with humiliation? with injustice?

33. What are you ready to sacrifice?

34. What do you need to cut off?

35. Who in you life is holding you back?

36. Who are you learning from?

37. Are you connected to like-minded person or perfectly isolated?

38. Are you a student of the game of life?

39. Who are you surrounding yourself with?

40. How many clients and products do you need to supplement your income and be able to live your dream sustainably?

41. Who do you want to serve?

42. How do you know if and when you need to let go a dream?

43. How do you know when you need to persist again, and again, and again, to live you dream?

44. How comfortable are you with money, with power, with celebrity?

45. How much do you think you are destined for greatness?

46. What would it take to turn the worst experience of your life into the best experience of your life?

47. How could you get out of the system which provides you uncertainty?

48. How convinced are you that the treasure is out there?

49. How convinced are you that you will find it?

50. How convinced are you that it will be worth it?