5 October 2021
5 October 2021 Seb

Literally speaking in English, truth expresses the quality of constancy, of faithfulness. Common sense seems also to be willing to pair truth with reality and authenticity.

At Business and Values, we consider absolute truth to be beyond relativity, beyond the self, as a simple, factual and actual expression of what is. An access to living out of fantasy and despair Land, into reality.


Is there anything such as absolute truth?

For something to be absolute, it must not be relative.

So, let’s evacuate anything which relative from the investigation.


What is the nature of what is relative?

Perceptions, sensations, emotions are obviously relative.

Sounds, images, durations that I store in my mind are obviously relative too.

Beliefs, opinions, ideas formed in my mind and stored in there are equally relative.

In other words, anything coming from ourselves, our minds, our emotions, is relative.

Relativity is a concept, a theory, a representation, not a fact.


What is the structure of what is relative?

Anything relative is not complete.

Anything relative is dependent on external source/s.

Anything relative is fragmentary.

Anything relative is divided.

Anything relative can be ended.


What makes us create all this relative stuff?

We create so much relative stuff because we are incapable of facing reality.

And we are incapable of facing reality because we are full of fears, sufferings, and desires, which are all relative and contradictory.

That’s a vicious circle.


What if we could face reality?

If we could face life as it is, what actually is, the facts, we would not create so much relative stuff, so many abstractions, stories, fantasies, romances, illusions.

And we would be able to live life as it is, not as it could or should be or couldn’t or shouldn’t be.


How to find out absolute truth?

If it does exist, absolute truth cannot be broken down into ideas, which are all relative.

Therefore, absolute truth is surely not in any book, theory, philosophy, or spirituality.

To seek for absolute truth, one needs to be free. Free from any image, from any concept, from any limitation, from any fear, from any desire, from any objective.

Therefore, no one can ever guide you to it because, the moment you follow someone, you are no longer free.

It’s a lonely journey.

A minute-by-minute and a day-by-day investigation.

Staying with passion and courage with what is, right there.

Not escaping in any thoughtful direction.


Where absolute truth is?

Truth is right there, where you are.

In the facts.

Facts are not personal.

The fact that all our representations, being racial, social, spiritual, economical, divide us.

And the fact that, from this division, comes inevitably conflicts of all kinds.

The fact that we are selfish, violent, stuck, and full of desires and fears.

Push it further.

The fact that we are selfishness, violence, stuckness, and all this desire and fear.

At the moment you accept it,

At the moment you stop dividing between the observer and the observed,

At the moment you close the gap between the image of yourself and yourself,

You and the rest of the world become one and the same thing.

You realize that you are the story of mankind.

You realize that yourself and the others are just one and the same thing,

You see that the brutality, the stupidities, the responsibilities, do not seat outside.

Here comes the compassion, and the rest of it.

For yourself and beyond.

Like we stated before, the mind is not the territory.

If the theory is dead simple, hence beautiful, the practice is extremely difficult.

And this is why we keep on escaping from it.

Staying in our comfort zone.

Partially conscious but so lazy and so worried about the fact we could loose it all,

Not understanding that this is exactly what we are actually doing,

Putting our beautiful life and planet to waste,

Reading books, social media and listening to the music,

While our birds’ mates are disseminated,

While wars continue in our living room as well as in foreign countries.

While tonight the homeless within our city will be sleeping outside.

This is who we are.

No one to blame.

Nothing wrong with it.

Just a matter of looking at reality in the eyes,

For those interested to be.

This is what truth is.


#Beyond the self



Note: for those of you who are not willing to put themselves at issue, that is to act step by step in the direction of what is whatever the cost, it’s better not to spend time on this and not to be self-aware of any of this, so please escape. Cause, believe me, the clearer you see it, the more it becomes a torture to realize how distant you are from any form of compassion, freedom and care for one another, despite your best intentions.

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