3 June 2021

Unity is the state of being united or joined as a whole.

At Business and Values, we consider UNITY to be an essential quality of BEING.


One phenomenal asset of human nature is the capability of THINKING. And we have been developing this quality for ages.

It is interesting to realize we first developed this quality to survive,

and that the way we developed it became a primary route cause for our survival challenge.

From the very basics to the most sophisticated ways of thinking,

we created a fantastic culture and experience of comparing, in other words, CUTTING THINGS INTO PIECES.

Past/present/future, good/bad, better/worse, inaction/action, tea/coffee, brunette/blonde/redhead, Messi/Ronaldo, Instagram/Facebook.


The idea was and still is to describe and communicate and – ultimately – help ourselves to become as ACCURATE as possible.

It helped and it helps for basic stuff and for very advanced technical stuff too.

It also had a spectacular expansion, for our greatest pleasure, for arts in general, and litterature in particular.


The thing is, we adopted along the way,

a complete sense of DIS-UNION and DIS-CONNEXION for thinking, speaking, and ultimately seeing the world.

We have not realized so clearly how much this “bucketing” may generate opposition, confrontation and exclusion.

To put it simple: we lost one of our most essential quality of BEING: our UNITY.


See how much this is at stake in our day-to-day life.

We are sooo often sooo convinced to have it right,

And we love sooo much to prove others sooo wrong,

… Through our THINKING capabilities and technics.


Here are two of our most dangerous weapons illustrated:

(any resemblance to real people would be fortuitous!)


The cause and effects links syndrom:

We consider to be right as soon as we are able to generate rational cause to effect links to support our thoughts and fingerprinting (in French, psychologists often tell their patients “LE TU TUE”).

Mister X “of course I’m right to argue, because YOU have started to yell at me.”

Miss Y “of course I started to yell at you, because YOU drove me nuts with your comments.”

Mister X “of course I told you XYZ, because YOU didn’t pay attention to what I was telling you.”

Miss Y “of course I didn’t pay full attention to what you were saying, because YOU didn’t do anything, so that I have to do it all now!”

Mister X “of course I didn’t do it this morning, YOU asked me a thousand things and not even a single word for what I did well.”

Miss Y “…”


We don’t need to watch the news, it has nothing to do with religion, with politics, with culture.

It happens almost every day in our living room, at the office, cause it happens within ourselves.

It takes time sometimes to realize and accept that the common denominator to our problems is… ourselves!


Thinking – as an engine – does not help at all, here. Why?

Because precisely the “why” is to prove the other wrong.

There is no Unity.

Unity, Being, Love, which is one and the same thing, does help.

There is hardly a need to think if you start all over again from there, it all becomes clear and seamless…


The prevalance of NO… /YES… BUT/OR.

What would your life and business be like, if you were NOT to oppose and to disconnect continuously, for yourself and for others, the following or any quality, polarity, characteristic? What would happen if you were to nurture and take the best of each of them?

Actions, doers AND Words, talkers

Big picture AND Detailed oriented

Compliance AND Disruption

Dreamers AND Grounded

Energetic AND Calm

Freedom AND Discipline

Gutfeel driven AND Analytic

Hard working AND Good feeling

Introvert AND Extravert

Joker AND Serious

Kind AND Tough

Long-term thinker AND Short-term thinker

Money And Values

Naysayer AND Optimistic

Open minded AND Stubborn

Paranoid AND Confident

Questioning AND Answering

Rational AND Emotional

Specialist AND Generalist

Team player AND Lonely wolf

Useful AND Futile

Vulnerable AND Strong

Worker AND Player

X-men AND Generation-Y

Ying AND Yang

Zoroastrian AND Agnostic


If you enjoyed it, you could make it YOUR ALPHABET


You could invent your own one, AND even many, for you AND your family AND your team!


When Piaget appointed me to lead their 5Y Strategic Transformation Program, we change the name from “Road to One Billion” to “TEAM” for Together Everyone Achieves More. Unity embraces it all. There is no point to underline our differences and our divergences.

There is some much to do together and to share.  


Reducing our material goods consumption and our animal based diets, and the associated gigantic footprint of pollution and destruction we generate each year putting our own living security and other living species security on earth at risk, can be a fantastic ambition and perspective, individually and collectively,

In celebrating our UNITY with our people and our planet!


To your success and fulfilment my dear friends!